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Mathematics Websites

  • A+ Math - Students can improve their math skills using interactive activities
  • A Mathematics Guide to FCIT - Tools to enhance math lessons, activities, assessments, and presentations
  • A Maths Dictionary for Kids - An animated, interactive mathematical dictionary for students
  • AIMS Puzzle Corner - over 100 interesting math puzzles free from AIMS Education Foundation
  • Annenberg Math Resources - classroom mathematics resources for teachers
  • Calculus Applets using GeoGebra - Interactive Calculus Applets using GeoGebra by Marc Renault from Shippensburg University
  • Combinations and Permutations Calculator - Find out how many different ways you can choose items
  • Interactive Mathematics Activities - Over 1000 interactive math activities
  • Figure This! - Helping families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging, high-quality challenges
  • FocusFlips - Promethean flipcharts for the Focus mini assessments and information on how to use the ActivExpressions with ActivInspire
  • GeoGebra - Free dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching
  • GeoGebra Tutorials - Tutorials for using GeoGebra by Marc Renault from Shippensburg University
  • Johnnie's Math Page - Interactive math tools, math activities, and math fun for kids and their teachers
  • Illuminations - from NCTM,  resources include interactive math games, lesson plans, web links, and professional development
  • Interactives - Math resources from Annenberg with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills
  • Math Bits - fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in secondary (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers
  • MathCats - geared toward K-5 students to promote open-ended and playful explorations of important math concepts
  • Mathematical Moments - 8.5" x 11" pdf posters that promote appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture
  • MathFROG – Fun Resources and Online Games - Free mathematics fun resources and online games for grades 4, 5, and 6
  • MathIsFun - student activities, games, puzzles, and worksheets
  • MathMovesU - Raytheon's initiative designed to engage middle school students in math and science through interactive learning programs, contests, live events, scholarships, tutoring programs, and more.
  • - Standards-based math activities for teachers to use in their classrooms
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - A library of web-based virtual manipulatives for mathematics instruction
  • PBS' TeacherSource Site -- Math - Find resources for K - 12 math classrooms
  • Print Free Graph Paper - Print graph paper free from your computer in PDF form
  • RekenWeb Games - Interactive Java applets from Freudenthal Institute's (Dutch-based) website for primary math education
  • Shodor Interactivate - Interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics
  • STEM Resources - web-based STEM interest and persistence programs developed by career professionals at Arizona State University and other institutions
  • Teachers' Lab - online activities, interactive polls or worksheets for classroom use, plus links to related material for commonly taught math and science concepts
  • This is Mega-Mathematics! - Explore a wide variety of math concepts with this interactive site
  • Tutorials for High School Mathematics - Online tutorials designed to help students review high school mathematics topics
  • Welcome to MathVIDS! - Interactive website for teachers who are teaching mathematics to struggling learners
  • William’s Home Page - Activities to help enrich mathematical learning all using simple materials
  • WisWeb Applet Page - Interactive Java applets from Freudenthal Institute's (Dutch-based) website for secondary math education

Algebra I EOC Resources

Geometry EOC Resources

U.S. Department of Education Publications for Parents

Summer Math Packets

Dr. Andy Reeves from the University of South Florida along with teachers in his elementary education class have developed a set of weekly math worksheets for use over the summer by parents and students. The packets include information for parents on the NGSSS for Math, instructions for use, worksheets, and answers to the problems.

**Note: The following files are fairly large pdf documents, these can also be downloaded as separate sections at:

Sunshine Math/Superstars Documents


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