FDLRS/Heartland - Technology

FDLRS Heartland Technology provides assistance and support in the appropriate use of a variety of technologies for students, teachers, professional staff, and parents. Support services are available in the areas of assistive technology, instructional technology, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), AIM/NIMAS Florida services, and virtual/online instruction.

In addition to the Technology Specialists at all 19 local FDLRS Centers, FDLRS includes 5 Regional Technology Specialists, 5 Regional Assistive Technology Specialists, a statewide assistive technology loan library (TSLL), statewide services for students who are deaf & hard of hearing (RMTC), and statewide services for students who are blind or visually impaired (FIMC).

Your FDLRS Tech project exists to provide support in the following areas:


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FDLRS Heartland Technology Specialists:

Luci Johnston (863) 531-0444 x230 Email

Kerry Lanier (863) 531-0444 x235 Email